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Founding Dean's Message

Saad B. Omer, M.B.B.S., Ph.D., M.P.H.

I am delighted to welcome you to our prestigious institution, where we uphold the core value of excellence for impact. UT Southwestern has a distinguished history of academic achievement, boasting multiple Nobel Prize winners and a legacy of high-quality scholarship. As we embark on this new chapter with the Peter O’Donnell Jr. School of Public Health (OSPH), we remain committed to our tripart mission of education, discovery, and community service.

Public health is rooted in consequentialism, where we prioritize outcomes and embrace interdisciplinary collaboration to effectively address complex challenges. OSPH is firmly grounded in these principles, as we bring evidence-based approaches to the forefront, aiming to impact public health practice and bridge the existing health gaps that lead to disparities. Together, we will confront pressing issues such as pandemics, obesity, malnutrition, and inequalities, guided by the fundamental belief that every life holds equal value.

We recognize the transformative power of public health investments, which have consistently surpassed expectations. Initiatives like vaccines, water and sanitation, and food security have demonstrated their potential to uplift populations and foster lasting change. Given the sheer magnitude of our region, with over 7.8 million people, it is imperative that we go beyond incremental efforts and deploy our most effective interventions.

Excellence for impact is the cornerstone of OSPH. It is our commitment to our communities that drives us to utilize the best available evidence, be it through education, policy change, or clinical care. I firmly believe that well-meaning and well-trained individuals have the capacity to save more lives than those driven by goodwill alone. Therefore, OSPH is dedicated to providing world-class training and creating an environment conducive to excellence, mentorship, and meaningful collaboration among cohorts of talented individuals who share our passion for making a difference.

As the Founding Dean of OSPH, it is my honor to extend a warm welcome to all who join our distinguished community. Together, let us embark on this journey of impact and transformation, knowing that our collective efforts will shape the future of public health.

Saad B. Omer, M.B.B.S., M.P.H., Ph.D.
Lyda Hill Dean and Professor